Proper healing involves what foods you’re allowing into your body over time. Food is the fuel from which you extract the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients allowing your body to function optimally. Many of today’s foods are over-processed, chemical-laden, and deceptively labeled, making it very difficult and confusing to eat a healthful and body nourishing diet. Dr. Raines is proud to have earned a postgraduate certification from Life Chiropractic West College known as Applied Clinical Nutritionist (A.C.N.) This, along with other lifestyle advice and specific spinal adjustments, can be the basis for an effective treatment plan to not only feel symptomatically improved but to provide for prolonged, stable health for years to come.

Please consider nutritional health options along with your Chiropractic care when you call to set up an appointment! (360)398-6050. We are eager to help you and look forward to meeting with you!