Dr. Raines primarily uses a Chiropractic technique known as “Gonstead” to both evaluate and treat his patients. This time-honored, effective technique has been lauded by both patient and practitioner alike, as providing both “specific” assessment and spinal adjustment procedures to correct spinal misalignment or subluxations. Two of the hallmarks of this technique that Gonstead practitioners typically utilize are:

1) A small thermocouple, heat-sensing device

2) Extensive use of motion and static palpation to determine exact levels of misalignment.

Once any spinal problems have been determined, Dr. Raines will perform very specific and controlled spinal adjustments depending on the patient’s comfort level, tolerance, and satisfaction.

Diagnostic studies ie. x rays, MRI’s, lab work may be determined as necessary in order to determine a personalized treatment plan. These are obtained through outside sources and are not available onsite.

Augmentative Care: Often, but not always, other procedures may be incorporated to aid in providing the most effective treatment possible for that day. This may include muscle massage (electrical), cold/heat, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Muscle Work (lymphatic drainage), nutritional counseling, self-care, home exercises postural evaluation. Any of these are used with the patient’s understanding and agreement.

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